Roberto LentProfessor of Neuroscience, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Professor, D’Or Institute of Research and Education

Roberto Lent is Professor of Neuroscience at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He has been working at the university for the last 43 years, where he has been department Head and institute Director. He has conducted many studies on neuroplasticity, neurodevelopment and evolution of the nervous system, employing different techniques, from cell biology to neuroimaging. Due to his scientific work, he became a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Besides his scientific publications in specialized journals, Lent dedicates part of his time to the popularization of Neuroscience, with books for adults and for children. For this activity he has been awarded the Prize for Public Understanding and Popularization of Science by the Academy of Sciences of the Developing World (TWAS) in 2007 and the Brazilian National Prize on Popularization of Science in 2010.

More recently, Professor Lent has founded and coordinates the National Network of Science for Education, a non-profit association of scientists of all disciplines dedicated to foster translational research applied to learning and other educational matters.

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