Paulina Segovia CandiaCoordination Consultant

With a robust background in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives coupled with outstanding communication skills honed through experience as a science communicator, Paulina brings extensive international expertise as a proficient program and project manager. With her scientific background (B.S. in Environmental Biology (Chile), M.S. in Environmental Engineering (France)) and in her role as the co-founder of Cientificamente Mujeres, Paulina spearheaded initiatives aimed at amplifying the visibility of female scientists in Chile, striving to narrow the gender gap prevalent in STEM fields. Her passion for promoting DEI, with a particular focus on gender equity through an intersectional approach, is underpinned by a diverse professional international journey. This varied experience has enriched her capacity to cultivate inclusive environments and catalyze transformative change. With her adeptness in leadership, communication, and technical acumen, she is keen to steer the success of projects at the intersection of science, education, and inclusion.

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