Andrea ChibaCo-Founder, Global Science of Learning Education Network. Science Director and Co-Director, Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (TDLC) Professor, Department of Cognitive Science and Program in Neuroscience, UC San Diego

Andrea Chiba is a Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science and in the Program for Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego. She is Co-Director and the founding Science Director of the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, an NSF Science of Learning Center. The Center research is focused on the importance of time and timing in various aspects of learning, from the level of the synapse to social interactions. The goabcd imagesal of the Center is not only to understand learning, but also to translate this understanding to the practice of educating. Chiba is involved in many Center projects that allow cross-species comparisons of learning and memory, bridging from rodent to human. The Chiba Laboratory is focused on gaining an understanding of the neural systems and principles underlying aspects of learning, memory, affect, and attention, with an emphasis on neural plasticity. Her team’s current work on the neural basis of prosociality and interoception was launched through an NSF BRAIN Initiative Award. Work in her laboratory is highly interdisciplinary, using a variety of neurobiological, neurochemical, neurophysiology, computational, robotic, and behavioral techniques.

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